📝 [ An Original Story By jorj ]

Crooked budgets where money no dey tally plus expenses.

Crooked paths but it suits our style of walking when we limp and stagger like some drunkard wey just commot for blue kiosk.

We work fuccing hard and long but the wages handed us falls short of our toil in these crooked jobs.

This crooked system dey make boys dey lose focus, ridee we dey try petty fraud den credit card scamming.

All day we dey trap for the kwacha only to come alive in the night time.

Selorm gbele ein crooked mof dey biss where the portey dey?

Fast forward > we dey the portey, the speakers make old, DJ ein turntables get fault, Scratches dey the sound inside but we no dey biss we go dance to this crooked music, we already make used to this crooked living.

Party over >> Man for bed >> Mornitee catch

Open instagram, straighten the crookedness out of the party pictures, post, post, post.

What a crooked life.


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