📝 [ An Original Story By jorj ]

My bible has gathered dust and so has my soul.

Lord take me to church.

Not necessarily to be born again, i just want to see you again

I want to sing my soul out and even after the last song i’ll sing again

After every word that drops from the preacher’s mouth i’ll shout amen

I’ve wondered long enough in this wilderness

I’m seeking closure, searching for inner peace

I was treading on danger zone and started sinking into the sands

A drowning man will clutch to a straw

I clutched to all sorts of addictions

I was moving in all directions

Searching for nothing in particular

I was moving with the wind

And it blew me wherever

I assumed sailor and took charghe of my ship

Myself and God, i run a scissors through our relationship

Another lost sheep

The love, the hate, the noise has resulted in something with the resemblance of madness

Take me as i come, I’ve dropped my ego and I’m prepared to bow

Show me the way, shine your light on me

but if it is your will, you can make a lesson out of me



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